They locate a Cuban mother and her child who were missing

Rut Natalia Benítez Rodríguez, a young Cuban from the city of Holguín, Guaro, Mayo, who She was missing with her six-month-old child for several days.Was located safe and sound.

17 year old girl and child are with the minor’s father San Antonio de los Baños, Artemisa ProvinceAccording to family sources announced on social networks.

“To all those who communicated with concern and contributed by sharing with us in our despair, I thank you. I never thought that I would be loved so much. I just saw this publication from my mother All is clear now and they are fine… God bless you all. Share so it can reach all those who were worried, in some way or the other, without even knowing us,” Sarai Padilla wrote on Facebook. written on.

The young woman attached a post from Rut Natalia’s mother – Tania Rodriguez – explaining how they learned of the young woman’s whereabouts and her current circumstances.

“I found out from a friend of his who called him and from this photo that he sent to one of my contacts that he was working on a farm in San Antonio de los Baños (…) where his wife Very welcomed and the farmer there”wrote the woman who attached a photo that shows Ruth and her son’s father, the latter holding the baby.

“Thank you to those who have given me shelter and protection, my six-month-old grandson and my daughter and her husband.”Rodriguez added.

“They lied to me because they believed I was taking the children away from them, those children were my daughter’s when they called me this afternoon,” concluded the mother, relieved to learn that her daughter and grandson Okay.

It was previously reported that the girl, the child and the minor’s father were seen traveling to Havana, this seems to be confirmed in the light of recent information.

Although given previous publications, the young woman’s family suspected that Ruth Natalia might have been held by her son’s father against her will, the tone of the family’s most recent publications has dispelled those suspicions.

In the comments section of the publication, dozens of people close to the family or people who had closely followed the news of the disappearance celebrated the outcome of the case.

In recent months there have been more reports of disappearances of Cubans, as well as the publication of requests for help through social networks to obtain information, amid increasing violence in the country.

At this time, the search for 24 year old Carildi Marin continues He has been missing since the night of 14 December. That day the young woman, who lived in Parraga in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality of Havana, went to a party in Cerro and her family never heard from her again.

An even more recent disappearance Lali Paola MolinarA three-year-old Cuban girl who lived in the Bahia neighborhood of the municipality of Habana del Este, who has been missing since Sunday, March 3. In that case, the minor was last seen with his mother, whose body was found on the coast of Cojimar on March 4.

It has also been said that Luis Rodríguez Marrero, 31, of Santiago, disappeared There has been no trace of them since March 1st. The young man worked on a farm in the Nueva Paz municipality of Mayabeque province.

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