Discover the hilarious sketches created by Virginie Efira and Gabriele Donzelli

gabriel donzellison of Valerie Donzelli and Jeremy Elkaim, The single will be performed on stage at La Scala Theater in Paris from March 7 to June 15, titled It’s Soon Over. To mark the event, the young artist chose to promote his show with the help of virginie efira, In a video posted on Instagram and YouTube, we see her trying to fit in with her desire to share the stage with him. During the telecast of the film made by his mother in 2011 war has been declared, then we discover Gabriele Donzelli at the center of the film on our screens. An artist with a remarkable career, because Gabriel Donzelli struggled since the age of 1 cancer For years until fully developed into an adolescent.

It is with this “extraordinary” curriculum, as described on the website La Scala, which he recites on his show with disarming naturalness, not without laughing. The young artist began performing last October little palace of mirrors, After a more than inspiring response, the 21-year-old took it a step further and performed at a bigger venue. And to give a taste of his style, Thus he asked Virginie Efira to attend a professional meeting between them, And the result is ridiculous

An unusual sketch for Virginie Efira

The conversation between the two takes place in a café. We see them sitting and start talking. Facing a cup of coffee, the actress feels overwhelmed and tired need to updateespecially with “modern” Internet references: “I need the Internet, young (…). What I want now is taking positions , It’s Twitch! », she says to a stunned Gabriele Donzelli. In Olympian Peace, she reveals that after filming with the greatest of all time, she won A Cesar and an Oscar. Gabriele Donzelli seems surprised, because Virginie Efira has never won an Oscar. She announced that she was also… a famous Australian actress. We all know this, “I too am.” margot robbie, in all his films,” she declares, before slipping into a tone of confidence: “I can’t say more, I’m relying on your discretion. ,

sneezing giraffe

After this strange and awkward exchange, Virginie Efira announced the real reason for this meeting: “I want to duet with you at La Scala, I can’t stand it anymore, I’m going in circles”. . To better explain Gabriel Donzelli, he Who won the Cesar Award for Best Actress in 2023 Revoir heads to Paris, trying everything and decides to illustrate a sketch she wrote, titled The Sneezing Giraffe: “You have to imitate the animal. It’s a giraffe suffering from winter, except the snakes don’t notice it so it slips out from underneath. You see, it’s curved,” she explains happily, tangling her brushes.

At this time, the young man reminds her at the beginning of the sketch that he does not want to share the stage. But faced with the insistence of the excellent Virginia Efira, he finally gives upEspecially when he let it slide so much Martin Scorsese Will come to see both of them play. A little scene full of humor that perfectly announces the atmosphere of their show. With or without the giraffe.

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