They offer a reward of 2 thousand dollars to the owner of this precious coin with an error

The urgency to acquire the best collectibles for numismatic lovers in our country has led to attractive offers for various coins, especially single coins. It is a US 1 cent piece.

There are as many coins and notes as there are civilizations in the world. But collecting these items is not everyone’s cup of tea. Although this practice is as old as money, not everyone knows about it numismatics and remains worth thousands or millions of dollars.

An error makes money very valuable

In this sense, there are many admirers who appreciate the real and symbolic value of these elements, especially those that were created with special characteristics, as is currently the case with the one cent coin of the United States, Whose price can be up to 2 thousand dollars. ,

it currency In the United States 1 cent worth up to 2 thousand dollars is the so-called double die Lincoln penny, minted in 1955. This item was sold at that price on the online commerce site eBay because it has a special feature: a minor flaw.

An error makes money very valuable

error in this question money According to specialty site The Spruce, Lincoln translates to the double die with which it was printed at the United States Mint. That is why it is one of the most prestigious. The manufacturing problem arose when the die design was duplicated in the centering process.

Finally, this long-archived piece contains similar images that are slightly off center. This is what creates the “double” effect and is why it got its name in the jargon of collectors and numismatics.

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