“Arboleda’s handball was from the NBA, it’s unbelievable they didn’t whistle it”


Following the Grand Final in which Olimpia were crowned three-time undefeated champions against Motagua, Águilas coach Diego Vázquez broke his silence following the Blue debacle and referred to a controversial action during the match.

Vázquez described the feelings inside Nido after the 2–1 loss and specifically talked about Justin Arboleda’s handball in the area, which was not acknowledged as a penalty by Said Martínez, indicating that That it was an “NBA game”.

Another added, how many are there? Honduras’s National League is full of Panamanians for Clausura 2024

“I didn’t talk about the final, but to describe it to you emotionally, watching the NBA play (Arboleda’s hand) it’s unbelievable that they didn’t whistle it. It was practically 2-0, he just had to It needed to be killed and thrown into the circle,” La questioned. Barbi will remember the role of refereeing body in the Grand Final of the Apertura 2023.

“It was something that had never been seen before, but we are getting over it because emotionally it makes you so angry because it’s unbelievable, even though we can’t say or say anything, it’s a very There is sung NBA drama that is much more than the word rude,” added Vazquez in an interview with Sports TVC.

Motagua reinforcements

On the other hand, Diego Vazquez mentioned Motagua’s reinforcements for the 2024 Clausura tournament, talking specifically about the return of Azul’s historical scorer Rubilio Castillo.

“We know he is a very important player, the club’s historical scorer, he is an extremely important member so he can contribute. Certainly these days, I think the details are missing so that his issue is resolved. To be able to go and include it,” he said. Vazquez.

Regarding the team’s formation, Diego Vázquez mentioned the reinforcements coming to the club and possible new additions to El Nido for the Clausura 2024.

“We’re OK, the guy from Panama who just arrived, the rest are already from the last tournament, we’re looking at some more guys who are coming. For sure it will be another player, we’re just looking to keep hiring. Do not want to recruit for, it will be in specific positions, the time “Now there is quite a short time to make many appointments, you have to see that it is the middle of the year,” Argentina continued.

So far, Motagua has officially announced the signings of Jorge Serrano, Edwin Munguia, Christopher Melendez and Marlon Licona for the 2024 Clausura tournament.

El Ciclón can confirm the return of Hector Castellanos and Rubilio Castillo in the next few hours. Furthermore, the Blues can make official the incorporation of young Honduran Joyner Castillo.


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