They publish a book on medical internships in the country

Dr. Luisa Lopez put into practice «Medical Internship in Dominican Republic,

The launch event was attended by several panelists who served as advocates to highlight the importance of this book and their own experiences in medical internships.

were panelists Doctors Clemente Terrero, Rodolfo Cisneros and Maximo Martínez Who also represented Dr. Ariel Suero, President of the Dominican Medical College.

Various personalities from the medical field were also present, like Professor George Azana and other members of the CMD National Board, including Dr. luis pena nuñezGeneral Secretary, Ana Rita Fabian, jose crusetaamong other personalities.

Dr. Lopez thanked all attendees for bringing his work into circulation.

“I would like to take this moment to express my deep gratitude to all those who made possible the dissemination of the book “Medicine Boarding School in the Dominican Republic”. Yesterday was a special day in which various personalities and prominent figures from the medical world came together to support this extremely important project. Was present to do,” he expressed.


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