They reveal the item and the explosive note that Mourinho left for Roma after feeling betrayed: “When they are men…”


jose mourinho thrown out of Rome After a poor season of results and now he is in a period of rest while he finds a new club to manage.

Ancelotti can no longer afford it at Real Madrid: “Sour character starts a problem that is difficult to solve”

From the Italian they point to his departure and the betrayal on the part of the players of his replacement Daniele De Rossi SpecialThey have shown change by winning the last three games.

march of mourinho According to , has been violent and they have revealed that Moussa has left a bitter memory in the locker of Lorenzo Pellegrini, captain of the ‘Giallorossi’. Il Messagero,

Jose left the ring after becoming champion Conference League in 2022Also left an explosive note which said: “When they are men, they will return it to me.”

The Italian newspaper reported, “Jose left the ring given to him by the players after becoming champion of the Conference League, inside Pellegrini’s locker.”

Pep Guardiola blasted and sent a strong message to Real Madrid: “We can’t control what he says…”

with this, mourinho He makes it clear that he felt betrayed by the players and even more so by captain Pellegrini, making him responsible for his departure.

-Pellegrini’s reaction-

The novel did not end there as the carrier of the tape encountered the Portuguese through a call. “Once he found the ring in his locker, he called the Portuguese to ask for an explanation of the gesture and in turn explained that there had been no protest from him and his colleagues. On the contrary, once there was news of the arrival of rossiSurprise spread among everyone,” one of the stories added.


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