Eric Roberts is proud of ‘Every Day’ actress daughter Emma Entertainment

Eric Roberts says he’s proud of his actress daughter “every day.”

The 67-year-old ‘The Dark Knight’ actor paid tribute to his daughter Emma Roberts ahead of her 32nd birthday on February 10, saying he knew she would be a star.

He also told Page Six Emma’s rom-com ‘Maybe I Do’ is his “favorite” of his films so far and added that he considers the ‘Scream Queens’ actress his “precious daughter” – and Said she knew she would “grow up to be all that and more”.

Emma is Eric’s only child from his relationship with ex Kelly Cunningham and the actor – who is Julia Roberts’ brother – is stepfather to two children with his wife Eliza Roberts.

The Oscar nominee also told Page Six that besides acting, his role as a grandfather is “the best job on the planet.”

They have four grandchildren, including Emma’s three-year-old son Rhodes with her ex-husband Garrett Hedlund, 39.

He said: “Two of them live across the street, and I become whatever they want me to be… sometimes it’s a cat, sometimes it’s a dog.

“Whatever I want to be, I am. “I love being a grandfather.”

Eric told The Hollywood Reporter in 2022 that following Emma’s acting career has been “so much fun.”

He added: “And she’s never had any training, so she’s been training on the job her entire career, and it’s been great for me to see her become an actor, and she has. I love his work.”

Eric has earned 600 acting credits and says he’s slowing down only “a little” now.

He told Page Six that he “gets 30 to 50 offers from all over the world every day”, adding: “I’m still doing it because it’s fun. And I’ve seen the world for free… and my life is amazing.”

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