They stabbed a Cuban to steal his motorcycle and phone

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Wednesday 24 January 2024

Nolasco Reinel Junco Hernandez, a 24-year-old Cuban, was attacked and stabbed in the Villa Mariana neighborhood of Camagüey this week.

a note of Cuban time They indicated that “the attacker attacked and stabbed him several times, taking away the cell phone and motorcycle of the victim, who, fortunately, was able to overcome his injuries to tell us his story.”

According to what they say, the victim “was preparing to attend a fifteenth party near the Villa Mariana bakery. It was late, after midnight, and the young man decided to call a friend attending the festival to join him in the celebration.

Cuban stopped his vehicle near the spot and was about to call his friend, “when suddenly he felt a very strong blow from behind, they snatched his phone and pushed him until he was out of the vehicle.” has left.”

“He then noticed that it was difficult for him to move because of the intense pain in his right side, he felt blood flowing down his legs and he understood that he had been stabbed,” they indicate.

Then “after his attacker had fled he got up with great difficulty and with the help of some neighbors who knew him he was taken to the provincial hospital, where, he tells us, the doctors immediately treated him and stitched up the wound.”

Cuban says that “the attacker was white and had a strong build, but he was wearing a hood that hid his face. According to her testimony, she did not hear the attacker start the motorcycle – he did not take the key from the starter – and she saw him walk away with the vehicle in his hand.

Although he told the authorities what had happened, he did not inform them anything about the matter.

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