They threatened Angel Di Maria’s relatives in Rosario: details

Amidst the possible link with Rosario Central, the player had to face this fact.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the family members of Argentina’s Benfica playerangel di maria, According to AFP agency reports, he was threatened in the early hours of the morning with an intimidating note that was thrown into the neighborhood where he lives.

The note, the text of which was not disclosed by Argentine authorities, was in a plastic bag and was thrown from a car in the Miraflores area, west of Rosario, at about 2:30 a.m.

“Di Maria also has a residence in the area,” said a spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPA), the aforementioned agency, announcing that the incident was already under investigation.

On the other hand, the local press went further and noted what was written in the note: “Familia di Maria” and underneath it was written “Even (Maximiliano) Pullaro is not going to save you is”, with reference to the Governor of that Province…

On this note, on Monday the public bus transportation service in Rosario had to be suspended due to a written threat left in a garage.

It is worth noting that Angel Di Maria is currently being linked with a return to Rosario Central, but with the fact that it is unknown whether the player could change his mind and continue his career elsewhere.


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