They violently attacked a Cuban and his girlfriend in Bayamo

CubitaNOW Editorial ~Thursday 18 January 2024

Young Cuban Alexis Alejandro Cisneros Tornes and his girlfriend were violently attacked in a bar in Bayamo, a municipality in the eastern province of Granma.

The young man’s cousin, Cuban Roiniel Ledia, complained on social networks and demanded justice.

As he said, “Alexis is in the neurosurgery room of the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes hospital” and he asked for the help of “all his friends or acquaintances who work there, doctors and nurses so that they can be aware of his development.”

“The culprits will have to pay. They attacked my cousin, he was hit on the head with a bottle and given multiple blows, resulting in a fractured skull and brain injury,” he said.

“Two days after this incident we do not know what the police has done. This happened exactly on January 12, the day the Bayamo fire is commemorated,” Cuban said.

“In such a small town, with so many police officers on the streets that day, in the historic center of the city, right in the bar, I think it’s called “Azucar”, located at the turn of Céspedes Street, very close to In the José Joaquín Palma Theater Room,” he indicated.


He assured that it is “a young man who is not at all problematic, on the contrary, he is a person with excellent social conduct, graduated from a university and he was with his girlfriend in the bar that was attacked, Was buying a hamburger. ,

“We do not understand what motivated these criminals to do such a thing. From what they told me, there are cameras in the bar. I am sure many people must have seen what happened there. I wonder what the Bayamo police are doing so that those responsible are no longer in jail? How far will social chaos and violence go in Bayamo? If it had been a demonstration due to the very poor social conditions of that city, repression from government officials would have been immediate. Ah, but it is not the above, nor is it about the son of the city governor Escribano Cruz,” he indicated.

Before concluding, he warned that he would not remain silent until justice was served.

“Either there will be an immediate response to the violence committed against Alexis and his girlfriend Daniela, or my complaints will not stop. The culprits will have to pay,” he concluded.

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