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Did Emma Stone take viewers on her own thrilling journey? Check out Poor Creatures’ debut on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, and overall first-day stats in France.

17th January, 2024 France

1 – Poor creature: 36,020 entries (including 15,941 AVP entries)

2 – Like a Prince: 18,175 entries (including 6,320 entries in AVP)

3 – Godzilla Minus One: 27,281 entries (including 17,237 AVP entries)

4 – Trip in Pajamas: 3,587 entries (including 954 AVP entries)

5 – Stella, a German Life: 3,279 entries (including 1,211 in AVP)

6 – Cold Head: 3,106 entries (including 1,707 AVP entries)

7 – Primadonna: 2,139 entries (including 1,945 in AVP)

8 – Lords of Agriculture and Forests: 1,759 entries (including 1,129 in AVP)

9 – Red Room: 1,612 entries (including 192 in AVP)

10 – Animals: 488 entries (including 212 in AVP)

11 – So Close to the Sun: 304 entries (including 264 in AVP)

For remembering

very good start for poor creatures, Director Yorgos Lanthimos makes his best debut yet and arrives first without an American blockbuster this Wednesday, January 17, 2024. Just over 36,000 curious people went on the hunt for Emma Stone in Poor Creatures.

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like a princeAhmed Sillah’s film, World of Boxing, ranked second with over 18,000 viewers. A start that is more in line with a film like Les Dames du Square, which is less of Ahmed Sila’s usual score in comedy.

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godzilla minus one Coming in at third place in this Wednesday’s release. This amazing Japanese film has returned to theaters for a limited time. After an event release on December 7th and 8th, the feature film featuring the famous kaiju will return to theaters from January 17th to 31st. It has already taken over a portion of the planet and collected $100 million in international revenue.

Statistics: CBO Box Office

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