They were not found! Caracas Lions and their reasons for elimination in the round robin (+numbers)

In a small instance like the round robin, where what was achieved in the elimination rounds matters little, there is little room for errors, inaccuracies or blurring, the ups and downs that Leones del Caracas had to endure. In this entire example, in the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP).

And even from Game 1, the Jose Alguacil-led group had to fight against the flowAlthough they won, they had to overcome a 4×0 deficit with a brilliant rally of 5 in the 5th inning against Tigres de Aragua, however, that ability was a major thing missing from the team from now on.

Including this Saturday’s match against Tiburones de la Guerra, they had 149 players left, of which 49 were in scoring positions, or 32.9%; very high number Which had a direct impact on the negative difference of runs scored and received at -6.

However, When we put a magnifying glass on just 8 defeats, we find that 4 people were in a position to step up to the plate in the 4v1 against Bravos de Margarita, 4 against Shark during 4×1, 1 against Shark in 6×5, 1 against Insular in the final 4×3 slate and 3 against La Guerra in 6×3, Or what the same, if everyone had scored it could have been reduced to 2 awards and the other 3 would have been tied.

for more information, On the Caracas roster, there was only Jose Rondon among the 10 best tugboats in the round robin.There were 12 but not even one managed to build the “Lokura” mountain; After Villacurano, Gabriel Noriega followed by adding 7, 41.7% less from his partner; Balbino Fuenmayor and Wilfredo Tovar sent 6, 50% less, Osvaldo Arcia sent 5, 58.3% less; While Freddy Fermin and Harold Castro had a total of 4, 66.7% less.

Serious failures in generating annotations, You can’t win ball games without them, but let’s stop and look at it from another perspective. Was the decline in production of experienced men like Noriega really a clear prediction? (batsman champion), Fuenmayer (extensive playoff and championship career with Caribes de Anzoategui), Tovar, Arcia, Fermín and Castro, It is always possible for one or two to fail at a statistical level, but so many failing at the same time was not in the calculations of even the most sophisticated forecasters.

This was the main reason, Most of the responsibility cannot be placed on the pitching staff.starters and relievers, who certainly They didn’t shine, but they were in line with the average of the other four performers With whom he competed.

hairy arms He accumulated 4.48 average clean lines allowed, 1.48 WHIP and .292 batting average against; Those same opponents combined to have a 4.46 ERA, a 1.48 WHIP and a .274 average.

At the end, The defendants also cannot be questioned in capital letters, because with everything and every impression, they were the ones who sinned the least number of times, 9, while the nearest shard added 12 or 33.3% more. He also left the best fielding percentage, .984.

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