They were singing for Ukraine’s victory in the war…when a Russian rocket fell on them

Svitlana Semykina and Christina Spitsyna loved music.

Death came suddenly out of the blue, as it usually happens in Ukraine now. Last August, a Russian rocket hit the ground, killing two young women who were sitting on a park bench in the shadow of a church.

by BBC World

Their names were Kristina Spitsyna and Svitlana Simeikina and they are part of more than 10,000 civilians who have lost their lives since Russia’s massive invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

The UN believes the actual number of men, women and children killed is “much higher”.

The Russian war is continuous. The horror has become familiar.

Detailed information about many deaths has not been given. But here, we want to tell the story of the lives of these two young women who died in the war, especially their final moments.

The story of Svitlana and Christina

When the wind rustles among the trees, Helina Spitsyna feels that it is the presence of her daughter Christina.

“The wind is blowing and I feel your daughter’s spirit embracing me,” he says.

He then bends down to place yellow chrysanthemums in a vase on Christina’s grave.

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