Adaptation of Scots memoir The Outrun receives praise at Sundance

Amy Liptrot’s 2016 memoir The Outrun, which documents her experience recovering from alcohol addiction in her childhood home of Orkney, was greenlit for a film version in 2022.

Liptrot wrote the adaptation with director Nora Fingscheidt.

The completed film is now shown at the annual Sundance Film Festival in Utah, the largest showcase of independent films in the United States.

The film and Irish actress Saoirse Ronan’s performance have been highly praised by critics.

Critic Brian Rowe said, “Saoirse Ronan gives a brilliant, Oscar-worthy performance in The Outrun, the first great film I’ve seen at Sundance.”

“She is the entire show in this gripping, powerfully crafted drama about an alcoholic’s road to recovery from rock bottom. Ronan fans, you’re in for a treat.

Richard Lawson, chief critic of Vanity Fair, also praised the film and said that fans might be attracted to Orkney.

He added, “Those who are recovering, and those close to someone who is, should find something nourishing in The Outrun that explores the human ability to regroup, accept a bitter past, and hope for a better future. Be an inspiring reminder of.”

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“Anyone who watches the film will want to take an in-depth trip into the Pentland Firth to explore these islands.

“Her rugged beauty is amply presented in The Outlaw, forbidding and inviting; They really do seem to be places where, if approached in the right way, some clarity can be found. “Maybe Saoirse Ronan can be our guide, even if only on tap.”

Producers have previously said that community support in Orkney was fundamental to the film’s completion, with filming taking place on the islands in 2022.

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