This AA and AAA battery charger is down to just US$14

If you’ve spent more money than you intended on batteries, it may be time to change to a rechargeable battery. Although technology is making our lives easier, the truth is that our devices require batteries. However, if the battery charger’s performance doesn’t convince you, you can start trying out a convenient and affordable device, which is on sale right now on Amazon for just $14: the Powerroll Charger.

Reliable and efficient, this battery charger can recharge up to eight AA or AAA batteries at the same time. With this charger you can not only charge your rechargeable batteries but also power them via a micro USB plug. This means you won’t have to add another cable to the tangle you already have at home.

US$14 US$18 on amazon

Over 13,000 buyers are praising this battery charger.  (Amazon/Getty)Over 13,000 buyers are praising this battery charger.  (Amazon/Getty)

Over 18,000 buyers are excited about this battery charger. (Photo: Amazon/Getty)

Why is it a good investment?

This charger is often discounted, but you may not want to wait until the next sale when you have the chance to save money on batteries right now. If you get a pack of new rechargeable batteries, it may be the last time you need to buy batteries.

Because you need it?

this is a Gadget over easy. The Powerwall charger is compact, lightweight and can charge up to eight AA or AAA batteries simultaneously (not suitable for alkaline). One great thing about this device is that you don’t need to charge two batteries at a time like most chargers.

Another unique feature is that it doesn’t come with a cable: you can connect it to one of the thousands of micro USB cables you probably have stored in your drawer. You can use it in a power outlet, but can also connect it to a portable battery or your laptop, This is a very useful feature when you are in the middle of a blackout and you need to put batteries in a flashlight or electric candles.

US$14 US$18 on amazon

What do the reviews say?

Over 18,000 people love this device and are already saving money.

“This saves me money!” A wise shopkeeper said loudly. “I have candles, remote controls, and appliances that require batteries, but I was tired of constantly buying them and spending so much money. Finally I decided to try rechargeable batteries. I don’t know why it took me so long to buy a charger and rechargeable batteries! It really pays for itself in the long run!

“I use it for AA and AAA batteries in game controllers and various remote controls,” one excited person shared in their review. “I like being able to charge individual batteries, unlike my old charger, which was a cheaper design and only charged them in pairs. Some of my devices use three or five batteries, so recharging them was annoying because there was always a dead battery left. I’m so glad I gave this Charger a chance.”

“This charger really impressed me,” one fan wrote in his five-star review. “This is very useful for recharging my Oculus Quest 2 controllers and other power-consuming devices like flashlights and facial cleansers. This makes it easier to manage battery-powered devices. The only drawback I found is the charging cable input, which uses the older standard Android plug instead of the more common Type-C input. Overall, this charger exceeded my expectations and is a must have in my collection Gadget,

US$14 US$18 on amazon

Do you want to start using rechargeable batteries? Each of these will cost you about $1. They are an excellent choice: they allow up to 1,000 recharges and retain their capacity for up to two years.

Amazon Basics 12-Pack AAA Rechargeable Batteries.  (Photo: Amazon)Amazon Basics 12-Pack AAA Rechargeable Batteries.  (Photo: Amazon)

Amazon Basics 12-Pack AAA Rechargeable Batteries. (Photo: Amazon)

A five-star review indicates that they prefer these batteries for demanding situations. “Every year I buy a set of these AA batteries as a backup for our church’s wireless microphones… We don’t want a microphone to die in the middle of a service… For years, Amazon’s AA Battery Basics have maintained their quality. Make sure you buy the standard capacity ones from Amazon Basics,” he said, warning that the higher capacity versions “start to fail if you leave them constantly on charge 24/7. “

US$13 on Amazon

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