This actress wants to see her character again in the superhero universe… but without her

A leading MCU actress wants to see her character return to the Marvel universe, but in a different way than her character.

Bringing back dead or missing characters is a staple of paper comics, But in live action, it’s a different story. Indeed, if early fans are accustomed to seeing eight versions of Spiderman and six versions of Captain America, that is not the case for viewers of the MCU or DCU connected universes. Typically, lead characters in a franchise are replaced as needed after the actors leave. Then two options: let new characters come in exclusively Fantastic Four Which give more and more information, or establish spiritual successors, with more or less success.

This would be the case for example of Anthony Mackie’s Falcon who became Captain America and would therefore lead Captain America: Brave New World. After fan-favorite Chris Evans, he will be heavily tainted by his past. series iron Heart, it will see Dominic Thorne’s Riri Williams become the “spiritual” successor to Iron Man. And if big names often need new faces to take advantage of their popularity, An actress from the Marvel universe would also like to see her character return to cinema.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Photo, Patrick StewartWe can even bring back characters from other universes, just by moving keys.

A little ‘Gamorab’?

She will be seen there soon Eden’s absence, Where she will play the role of an unknown woman who fights to escape from a brutal gang, Zoe Saldana talks about her hugely popular character in the MCU: Gamora, it’s in the podcast Sermon Of playlist The actress talked about her character’s future and her traveling companions Guardians of the Galaxy:

“For now, I think, for me, yes (my Gamora is gone forever), but I don’t think Gamora is gone. (…) I think if they could It would be a huge loss for Marvel to not find a way to bring back Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s this group of misfits that people love, you know? And then on top of that, they have James Gunn. The writing was amazing and very appropriate for this type of film. I will be the first person to look forward to the return of Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3: Photo, Zoe SaldanaGuardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3: Photo, Zoe SaldanaGamora was already on a different journey in her last movie

The actress who played the role Guardians of the Galaxy (in 2014) and up to five films Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 In 2023, it’s clearly linked to its Gamora, but doesn’t provide a classic solution. In fact, if his ties to the Marvel stable have ended, This does not suggest a new character who will follow in his footsteps, but rather a reinvention of sorts.

At the end of the last film of the trilogy, Gamora does not follow the Guardians, but instead leaves with her new intergalactic mercenary family, the Ravagers. Could we one day see a Disney+ series centered on this group of thugs in the universe? Without a lead actress, it’s not certain that Kevin Feige and his collaborators will delve into this topic… but the future with this universe is often full of surprises.

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