Luis Suarez confirmed that they sought him from Liga MX

Luis Suarez came this season inter miami And as if meeting old acquaintances Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba And Sergi Busquets; However, he announced that last year he had sought his Liga MX,

,No Mexican team wanted me this yearYearlast year yes, But the excitement of being back with teammates and coming to a club that won its first title last year, taking it forward, winning titles, that’s why I want to come, enjoy football that’s new to me. Was and am doing. “I’m having fun, what’s missing is winning things and achieving it.”

One of the clubs that reportedly scouted him blue Cross When he gunman came out of National from Uruguay, but ultimately ended up signing for brazilian guildwhere he spent a year before signing Herons.

suarez Commented contrary to what is usually said american footballwhich is easy leagueFor him, his experience of MLS It is quite the opposite, as they are hiring future young players and top footballers who are still hungry to win championships.

“I confirmed what many said It was not an easy league as everyone sees, All your rivals compete with you on equal terms, everyone wants to win, a tournament with good players, they are coming young people with great talentThe current players want to win and that surprises me”

Praise for Sergio Canales

waiting for go quarter finals of Concachampions, Luis Suarez full of praise sergio canelS, who recognized his journey and commented that it is an element that makes a difference on the playing field.

“They have great players, They are at a good level, National team players. A team that has 10 that make the difference, he is a smart player And it has personalities that attract attention. “We know what their strengths and weaknesses are.”

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