This boat takes a bit of the desert to the sea

desert of Lancois Maranhense National Park in Brazil It is beautiful for many reasons, one of them being its white sand dunes that flow into the Atlantic Ocean and perhaps that is why Oceanco has adopted it as a source of inspiration for its latest yacht concept.

Chain just custom Oceanco found his collection in a place quite far from his headquarters in the Netherlands, but even this distance was no obstacle for him to capture the gorgeous beauty of this Brazilian desert, which, by the way, is a protected area. Maranhão region.

dune boat
The duo of Timothy Baldacci and Veronica Vergari created this design as part of the Simply Custon series (Photo: Oceanco)

Timothy Baldacci and Veronica Vergari They are responsible for the design of this yacht, which flows like desert sand when the wind blows, with clean and precise lines and shapes that resemble the curves of the dunes.

Brazil’s dunes inspire Oceanco’s latest yacht

The sand of the Lancois Maranhense National Park is characterized by being very white, a detail that did not go unnoticed in the design with a white hull and sand-colored superstructure, tones that further accentuate its elegant silhouette.

The dunes adopt shades of white and sand as a nod to the similar tones of the Brazilian desert. (Photos: Oceanco)

We can only imagine a place full of peace when we think of the place that inspired them and we are not alone, the designers have ensured that the comforts of the boat offer pure relaxation.

A pair of terraces are located at the stern, one of them with the ability to expand to become a large beach area that connects directly to the water. The area was also equipped with an above ground pool and sun loungers.

dune boat
Its waterfall shape allows each cover to have more dimension and space. (Photos: Oceanco)

The rest of the aft deck is waterfall-shaped and features a series of lounge and outdoor dining areas. There is a helipad on the foredeck and a Jacuzzi on the upper deck.

There is enough space for 12 guests spread across six staterooms and the owner’s suite, although the layout can always be customized to suit her owner.

dune boat
Photos: Oceanco

Regarding performance, we can highlight its highly efficient hull by Lateral Naval Architects and its hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system capable of running on biofuel with low carbon emissions.

As we mentioned before, the Dunes is part of Simply Custom, a series that includes 17 boats of which only 6 have been revealed and they will soon show us the rest of the concepts.

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