This fresh and delicious manicure is already one of the trendiest this season

Still in the spirit of “clean girl” and “cool luxury”, this new manicure trend promises to make people happy. In recent times, everyone has been swearing by “Strawberry Milk Nails,” a cool and elegant nail beauty treatment that top model Hailey Bieber has already widely adopted.

What are strawberry milk nails?

As its name suggests, this manicure suggests one of the drinks loved by kids: strawberry milk. As reported by the media stirThis varnish has a “Creamy, semi-opaque effect that gives a sleek minimalist style”, Directly, the varnish is pale pink, as if diluted into milky white. Very simple, this manicure still remains ultra trendy and desirable, which everyone is likely to adopt soon.

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Hailey Bieber is already wearing it on Instagram and confirms this craze. To achieve this shade, simply apply two coats of “Strawberry Milk” varnish over the base coat and under the top coat. Otherwise, simply layer light pink with milky white and the result will be equally successful.

Benefit of “Strawberry Milk Nails”? These can be worn simple, or even more elaborate! With the chrome trend, this is an opportunity to vary this manicure in different ways. To do this, simply rub an iridescent powder (made for this purpose) using the foam tip.

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