This is how you can leave a WhatsApp group without anyone knowing

Currently leaving a WhatsApp group. (Photo: Depor)

The update is live for iPhone and Android phones

WhatsApp Allows you to invite anyone to a group, as long as that person has the ability to accept those invitations enabled. And until that moment, There is no way to leave groups Anonymously and without leaving messages “Left the group”.

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fortunately, WhatsApp is working on allowing anyone to leave a group Application specify this, An option that users have requested for a long time.

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WhatsApp has recently introduced significant improvements to its groups. community Soon, they have also increased the number of users who can join any WhatsApp group: Up to 512 people. Additionally, the company has started working on an option that has started appearing in the code of the web version.

First, we must recapitalize. When a person leaves a WhatsApp group, The app always warns that someone has left said group, But the news is that she will stop doing this.

WhatsApp will allow members of a chat group to send messages to administrators for evaluation. (Reuters/Dado Ruvik)

WaBetaInfo is in charge of discovering the novelty related to WhatsApp groups: as shown in a screenshot taken from the web version of the application, WhatsApp has included the silent bypass of groups in its messaging preferences.

Once enabled, Any person can leave the group without notifying his/her departure, This is exactly what has happened so far. Of course, this novelty has one important nuance.

Although WhatsApp will not make public that a user has left a group, it will do so with the administrators of said group, That means it will not be completely anonymous because the owner and anyone who has become an administrator of the group will know when a member leaves the group.

As is usually the case with new features that WhatsApp is testing at the code level, It is unknown when the company will enable bypassing anonymous groups. This is currently hidden in the web version; This will definitely be hidden in the beta version Android And iPhone, In the future, it will eventually reach stable versions of the mobile application. Perhaps when communities are permanently deployed.

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