“This is the best selection in Central America”


david fetelson He has gained popularity in Central America for his extreme criticism of football in the region, but it is always interesting to know his opinion on current football in these countries.

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And for this, in Panama he repeated his comments and he spoke through the microphone of El Mercador about the duel between Panama and Mexico for the Final Four of the Nations League.

He said in the first instance, “The Panama team is the one that has advanced the most at the CONCACAF level, above Honduras, which along with Costa Rica had become the powers of Central America.”

Medford: “A lot has to change for Costa Rica to be able to beat Honduras and go to the Copa America”

Then he added. “I think today Panama is above Honduras and at the level of Costa Rica and from the sample played in the last Gold Cup final there, Mexico had difficulty defeating them.”

When asked if there was buzz about the game being played against Canaleros on Mexican soil, he concluded by saying, “What’s happening in two weeks, believe me, has Mexican football nervous.”

He accepted that Panama was nothing more than Mexico, and argued this. “No, I mean, with all due respect, what kind of results are we going to get? For the soccer world cup? Well, Panama has not even been able to advance from the World Cup. “The last Gold Cup final, Mexico won.”

“I still think Mexico and the United States are on top of the rest, but logically that distance has narrowed. He concluded, “Mexico is the favorite because it is played in the same venue and in terms of football, Mexico is a step up from Panama.”


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