This is the coolest improvement on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and you didn’t realize it

A pleasant surprise: Corning’s Gorilla Glass Armor glass has an anti-reflective treatment that’s truly amazing.

This is the coolest improvement on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and you didn't realize it
Screen of the Samsung Galaxy S24 UItra, protected by the new Corning Gorilla Glass armor / Image by Christian Collado

And finally, after so many rumors and leaks, the first unpacked 2024 The Galaxy S24, S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra are all confirmed to return to Samsung’s future with flat screens, Eventually abandoned the curvatures that were all aesthetic And there is zero functionality in front of its range Chief,

In any case, as you will now see, Samsung didn’t advertise what a big improvement the Galaxy S24 Ultra has for usSomething that we were able to notice in our first steps with the phone, but that was that the South Korean giant This shouldn’t seem very important, But it is.

By now you may already know that Samsung’s new top range for 2024 has a Corning Original New Glass The chemically tempered, specially designed Gorilla Glass Armor model features among its new features An anti-reflective coating that’s truly amazingAnd it will avoid all reflections, especially when light falls on the screen.

Now you’ll see, but the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the first phone No or almost no reflection on the frontSomething that we will appreciate in high light situations and outdoors, and that Can be clearly seen in the image belowPublished on X by Vaibhav Jain, founder of TechDroider, who has a test unit of the device:

According to Corning’s own notes, the new shield he is able to Reduce reflections up to 75% Compared to previous generations, with Improve scratch resistance Which we’d love to see Jack Nelson test on his @JerryRig Everything channel soon.

And all this to protect the new High brightness screen -2,600 nits peak- With Dynamic AMOLED 2X technology, 6.8-inch diagonal and QHD+ 1,440p resolution, which continues All techniques are already known: Variable Refresh Rate LTPO 1-120 Hz, HDR10+, vision booster And eye comfort shield,

Definitely an important detail We must not let it get lost in the media noise, and certainly not now when new shipments are about to begin. Chief From Samsung. What do you think, were you expecting an anti-reflective screen?

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This is the coolest improvement on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and you didn't realize it Samsung Galaxy S24

brand SAMSUNG alternative name Galaxy S24 release date 01-17-2024 price €909

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