Messi’s bodyguard did it again: his unusual reaction to a police officer who asked Leo for a selfie

Lionel Messi’s bodyguard’s reaction to a police officer’s photo request

Since moving to the United States Lionel Messi It has a jealous brand and is much tougher than the one found in soccer games. This is his bodyguard, yasin cheuko, which is the shadow of the Argentine Star. He is present before and after training and matches. inter miami, He does not leave it at any time. It may be a dream for many to be able to take a photo with the best football player in the world or to be able to feel his presence as it happened before with a police officer. Inter Miami lost 1-0 against FC Dallas in a friendly match.,

This was when the players of herons They were preparing to go to the playground for practice when the officer approached them. messi, He waited for her approval and smiled so that he could immortalize that moment. But after getting the desired photo it appeared cheuko Which took him into the security detail, despite him also working for that purpose Cotton Bowl Stadium,

It also caught everyone’s attention messi that later He apologized to the police officer for his bodyguard’s reaction., Soon after, the 36-year-old man from Rosario continued walking with his friend. Luis Suarez, But this was another display of the strong security officer appointed by the indescribable Cheuko David Beckham To ensure the integrity of the highest pink shape. He is a former soldier who traveled with American soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan,

Cheuco not only keeps an eye on the Argentine as he walks down the catwalks and mixed areas, during arrivals and departures from the stadiums, but he also walks next to him on the sidelines of the playing field, focusing his attention on the public: If an intruder runs up to Rosario’s position, he immediately stands in their way and stops them.,

Lionel Messi’s best game in Inter Miami’s match against FC Dallas

It is interesting to see that the man who belongs to the US Navy and practices mixed martial arts is an expert in Taekwondo and boxing, which he showcases on his account. Instagram which already has more staff 299 thousand followers (one of them is Lionel Messi himself), walks at the height of Messi’s sprints during matches inter miami, His safety is pending for 90 minutes. And what’s more, his work extends far beyond football: he is one of the members of a private agency made up of more than 50 people who also monitor the activities of football players. Antonella Roccuzzo and her children Thiago, Mateo and Ciro,

The guardian of Leo and his family is extremely strict and meticulous about his actions: when a fan accesses the site he is messi and gets their approval to take the selfie, the guard usually avoids any kind of contact between the parties. Even some videos that have gone viral have recorded in detail how he removes other people’s hands from Argentina’s shoulders, although he thoroughly enjoys his family privacy, but now his Feels very comfortable with new patron.

This Monday he did it again before the team’s second preseason friendly. inter miami, Despite the defeat, messi In the 63 minutes he was on the field, he did a good job. Argentina’s captain was very involved and almost scored an Olympic goal, Pre-season fixture calendar marks this trip Saudi Arab of inter miami who will play again next monday Al-Hilal And on 1 February against al nassar Of Cristiano Ronaldo.

This is how Messi’s bodyguard works:

Messi’s bodyguard who follows him everywhere.
Step out for warm-up and Lionel Messi’s bodyguard is nearby
Lionel Messi’s bodyguard chases him for a corner kick
The run and tackle of Messi’s bodyguard in the match against Los Angeles FC
Messi’s bodyguard reacts to hugging his children

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