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Applications we don’t use can become targets of attack by cyber criminals

With frequent cell phone use, it is normal that as the weeks go by we have many applications installed, many of them unused. Something that theoretically should not be a problem, but some of those applications could be compromised and Becomes a gateway for cyber criminals.

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Cybersecurity experts, such as the company Kaspersky, propose a simple solution that can avoid spying This will reduce the risk of our privacy and security being compromised by a platform we are not using, The measurement is called: one a day.

How the ‘One a Day’ Rule Works

As the months go by, it is common for us to download different applications on our cell phone, but the reality is that many of these applications are forgotten once used and we never go back to them. The accumulation of these applications not only takes up storage space.But it can also have serious consequences for our privacy and the integrity of our data.

First of all, these applications often have permissions that, if granted and then forgotten, can threaten our privacy. Additionally, some of these apps may be running in the background, consuming valuable resources like memory and battery power. But, the most worrying thing is that many of them may be outdated, abandoned by their developers and Encounters security vulnerabilities that are never fixed.

Against this backdrop, experts have proposed a simple yet effective solution: the ‘one day’ rule. The objective is clear: Free our devices from applications we have not used for months And this can represent a risk to the health of our devices and the security of our data.
How to find out which applications are used the least

With so many applications downloaded it is possible that we are not aware of the existence of some. So to find those apps that we do not use or to which we have little access and that we have enough information to eliminate them, we leave to go through that list step by step.


1. Open Google Play Store.

2. Click on the icon with our photo.

3. Select the Manage devices and apps option.

4. Go to another tab: Manage.

5. Filter the list by clicking the icon (three lines) on the right.

6. Sort the list from most to least used.


1. go to Settings

2. Find Screen Time option

3. Enter See all activity below the graph.

4. A list of your most used apps will appear at the bottom, so just scroll down.

In this tool it is possible to view the list of only the last two weeks. So those apps do not appear there because we have not opened them during that time.

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