‘Cubo’ Torres tested positive for which banned substance?

The attacker and the two teams he was with in recent months in Costa Rica have just been informed

Eric ‘Cube’ Torres And this Club Sport Herediano They received the unexpected news that the player had tested positive for a banned substance following a test conducted last November 15.

The Florence club itself confirmed the incident via a press release, but the substance that may have caused it has not been officially disclosed. espn He was already able to confirm that it was Clostebol.

This substance belongs to products associated with the treatment of wounds, burns or other skin conditions; It is usually applied through spray or cream.

The player may not have used it maliciously, because he had a nail that was hurting him and he took it without thinking what was going to happen.

Using the Clostebol This may result in exemption from professional activity ranging from eight months to two years.

Other cases in Costa Rica

With Eric ‘Cubo’ Torres it happened at a completely inopportune moment for his career because in Costa Rica he had found a place to re-emerge with the Guanacasteca Sports Association and a few weeks ago Club Sport Herediano made him their new Bought his file for. Reference in attack after scoring ten goals in the Apertura 2023.

Clostebol has become a substance that has banned many Costa Rican athletes in recent years orlando galloWho tested positive in September 2022 and missed the World Cup in Qatar, although he was able to verify that in his case it was contamination, he had to spend a full year without playing.

Some time ago, Para athlete Sherman Guity tested positive after taking Clostebol to heal a piercing, a fact that caused him to miss the Parapan American Games in Lima in 2019 and if it had not happened, he would have missed the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Would have missed. Delayed to 2021 due to impact of the pandemic.

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