This is the medical intervention of Honduras in France


shock for Albert Ellis, The Honduras player is in critical health condition after suffering serious head injuries in an accident during the match Girondins Bordeaux And gingamp in league 2 France,

‘La Painterita’ collided with a rival football player 40 seconds before the match and was immediately taken to hospital after being treated for several minutes. Pellegrin Hospital In the city of Bordeaux.

In critical condition: Albert Ellis is in a coma after suffering serious head injuries after a collision with another player in France, according to L’Equipe.

Ten According to French media such as L’Equipe, it was revealed that the Catracho player, who was unconscious after the impact, is in the operating room for surgical treatment as he is suffering from a serious head injury.

Albert Ellis He was put into an induced coma, as doctors decided to sedate him to soothe the pain in his brain. It is expected that the results of the first examinations will quickly evaluate whether it is a severe, mild or serious stroke.

The Honduran player’s parents are in a health center with the national team. Because of its violent effects, he is Suffer from a blood clot, which is a mass that forms when platelets, proteins, and blood cells stick together.

expert analysis

Ten He contacted a doctor who explained the further procedure. Girondins at this time,

“First of all, Albert Ellis had to go through this scale glasgow Measure the motor, verbal and visuospatial part to evaluate the type of head trauma he suffered, and thus to know his state of consciousness. “They will also perform a physical examination to determine the degree of neurological condition and the type of clinical injury caused by the trauma,” the doctor tells us. Dr. Lenin Edgardo Caballero Reyes.

Furthermore, Dr. Caballero Reyes explains that, “A neurological examination should be performed on the patient, an MRI should be performed, and according to the examinations, there may be an epidural, subdural or intracerebral hemorrhage, and according to those findings and the clinical part, the patient will be managed,” mentions the experienced doctor.

“ECT stands for: Cranial Brain Trauma and it can be mild, moderate or severe,” concluded Dr. Caballero, who spoke to Diario Díaz and explained in detail how these diagnostic procedures are described in their different stages. How is it developed?

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