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Los Angeles: From finance to stage and screen, Yasmine Al-Bustami has established herself as a dynamic rising talent.

Known for her roles in basic, NCIS: Hawaii And selectiveThe actress was born in Abu Dhabi to a Palestinian-Jordanian father and a Filipino mother.

Yasmin Al-Bustami grew up in Texas and started out working in the world of finance, but she soon realized she was not fulfilled and set out to look for something more challenging.

“I never took drama classes, but I knew you needed an agent to get auditions,” she explains. “So I sent an email to all the agents in Dallas and one of them, very nice, responded to me… I sent a professional CV, not even an actress’s, saying where I studied finance . Actually, he didn’t care. »

“And the agent said to me, ‘Obviously you don’t know what you’re doing. Learn the lessons. And here are some recommendations for drama classes.’ From there, I continued taking classes in Dallas and then moved to Los Angeles,” she says.

Al-Bustami started with a brief appearance in a health commercial before making his television debut basicWhere she regularly played the first season’s villain Monique Deveraux.

The actress was born in Abu Dhabi to a Palestinian-Jordanian father and a Filipino mother (Photo, Getty Images).

Today she stars in hit series NCIS: Hawaii and historical series selectiveWhich has recently been released in theatres.

In selectiveShe said, I am playing the role of Rama. “And when you meet him, it’s in the first season. I’m in episode one, episode five, I’m working with Thomas the Disciple, and we have a little love story. We flirt with each other a lot, and you start to see it develop from the second season to now, the season that’s coming out now is the fourth. ,

Part of the challenge Al-Bustami faced was gaining approval from his parents and finding roles that fit his ethnicity.

At a later point, she found a role representing women of color in black comedy. immigrants,

“We just finished the pilot directed by my friend Mustafa Knight, and we described it as FriendBut with color,” she explained.

The actress added, “I’ve never been more proud to be an immigrant, because now I have a way to express it to people through fiction.” “It’s a different kind of identity when you get an opportunity to work on something that is truly who you are.” ,

The series is described as a dark comedy that “follows the misadventures of six unlikely friends through their trials and tribulations of what it really means to be an American in America.”

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