The mayor of Ocumare del Tuy was forced to remove the “mamarrachada” he created due to criticism (photo)

Photo @JeanCRodriguez_

Due to strong criticism from the tuyeros, Dayana Báez, mayor of Ocumare del Tuy, Tomás Lander municipality in Miranda state, was forced to remove the umbrella decoration with her work team.

This was announced by journalist Jean Carlos Rodriguez through his account on the social network

“The nonsense she did was criticized by ocumrenos on social networks, to such an extent that, for several days, the “work” of Dayana Báez became a laughing stock for netizens; “Demonstrating that the teacher’s “management” has improved,” the communicator explained.

Faced with a wave of negative comments on social media, the mayor’s office staff had no choice but to remove the umbrellas, leaving the place with natural light.

“Now, how much money was lost in this “job” of Dayna Baez?”. Rodriguez questioned.

After the end of the controversial Chhatris, the above place remained like this. Photo @JeanCRodriguez_

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