This is the type of narcissistic person who believes that he cannot learn from anyone.

Everything should be in the Lord’s vineyard, but some people are a little more complicated to live or work with. one of the following profile What causes us the most problems not only in the workplace, but also in the family, in groups of friends and in neighborhood communities, is the problem of routine. smart assThe clever one who knows everything and who orders Sentencemanifest Opinion which no one asked for or gave Order,

The smart guy who takes advantage of respectable people and skips the toll line, who joins in at the last minute, who never has a pending bill, who always has a good idea to become a millionaire and who bullies you. , talks seriously about salads, international politics and microbiology, like that, without breaking a sweat.

This profile is usually of a person who overestimates one’s abilities, Don’t think that there are only a few of them. A study shows that seventy out of every hundred people believe smarter than the rest Whereas in reality only two people out of every hundred are significantly above the average. You know, dear readers, judging by what I have seen, it seems to me only a few seventy out of every hundred.

they feel Top, senior officersAhead ReadyAhead AttractiveAhead IntelligentAnd everything like that in general.

Furthermore, there is usually nothing to be learned from this profile Experience, Of course, they are smart enough that they don’t need to learn anything and when something fails them it is usually the fault of another person or life circumstances. This is because they believe that they are surrounded by Puraria, to whom they generally do not listen much. Precisely because they believe that everyone is stupider than them and that they know everything, as well as because they are obsessed with science. yes, there are a lot of them complicated,

He Narcissistic Traits Profile It oversimplifies reality and they are also very heavy, so much so that we always Reason So that they shut up and stop giving you crap. A reality simplified to the extreme and completely fleshed out ContextLogically, you cannot argue with them and if even for a moment the thought of entering into that swampy area of ​​exchange of ideas has crossed your mind, do not hesitate to remove such thought from your mind. Do it. You listen to the smart person, don’t argue, respond, or object.

“I encourage you to never stop


, Don’t exaggerate your achievements and don’t give them their due measure. Whose




Since you question everything – and you question yourself –

tomas navarro


Without the ability to learn, without receptivity, without the willingness to go into detail and simplify everything, it is very difficult to work or live with them. Do you have anyone close to you? Have you faced this? Yes, This profile of people is suffering. we have no choice.

And when one suffers it is because one has become one toxic profileWhich intoxicates, which complicates the day-to-day, which breaks one’s Harmony, Order And concert,

Sometimes we have to face them at work, sometimes as a brother-in-law at a family barbecue, sometimes in the community of neighbors, in a sports club, in a group of friends or even at home.

“What are you going to tell me that I don’t already know!”… phrase that many children have heard from their parents when they have tried to teach them something to improve their lives.

never stop learning

I am a learner, learner, and learner. Pay attention, get down to the details, accept your imperfections with humility and work to become better. But perhaps I am a strange specimen, a ‘Rara Avis’ who wanders the world in search of other members of the same species.

I encourage you to never stop Learn, Don’t exaggerate your achievements and don’t give them their due measure. Whose HearWhose inspection Because you question everything – and you even question yourself. Life is so complex and involves so many subtleties and nuances that it takes us a lifetime to realize that what we know is only a small percentage of everything we have left to learn.

And as we learned and reflected, one day I realized what was the best thing for mental health and emotional well-being. Keep smart people away from your lifeas much as possible.

You can find other tips from Tomas Navarro (@tomasnavarropsi) for setting boundaries on people who hurt us in his work ‘Your Red Lines’. And also, you can read other articles by Tomas Navarro at ABC Bienstar here.

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