This is what Carlos Mendoza says about the pairing of Luisangel Acuña and Francisco Lindor (+Video)

If there’s one thing New York Mets fans can be sure of, it’s that the future of the organization looks to be positively headed toward the success they’ve been waiting for for a long time. This is thanks to the basic statistics they have been able to put together in recent times, added to the high quality of prospects in their minor leagues.

One of these great promises for what can happen in the coming years belongs to the Venezuelan, Luisangel Acuña, who arrived at the institution after a change with the Texas Rangers and since his arrival he has established himself in the list of the best of the future. Placed in one of the. Talent.

This has been evident, thanks to his first ever performance at the beginning of Spring Training, where this Monday, February 26, he had the opportunity to play as a starter at second base and pitch seventh. In addition, he managed to create a defensive duo with the main leader of this organization, such as the Puerto Rican shortstop, Francisco Lindor.

For this reason, debutant manager Carlos Mendoza spoke at the end of the game about what it meant for both players to begin communicating and understanding with each other. “Communication between pitches… communication between innings… it’s important to have that with you,” he told SNY.

Ultimately, he knows how important this experience could be for Acuña at these spring meets. “That’s what you want to see in these young guys,” he highlighted on SNY.

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