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It’s taking time for quintessential superstar Rihanna to return to the forefront. In fact, their last album “Anti” is already from 2016! The project, which featured hits such as “Work”, “Needed Me” and “Love on the Brain” with Drake, has reached the triple platinum milestone in France with sales of over 300,000 copies. Further proof that, at home as in all four corners of the world, the 36-year-old Barbadian singer is widely heard despite her lengthy absence, during which she only unveiled the single “Lift Me Up”, Which was a fantastic performance. during halftime of the Super Bowl in 2023 and recently gave a private concert in India that caused controversy. She therefore preferred to dedicate herself to other projects, such as her cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty, which was a hit among consumers, or her personal life, giving birth to two children from her union with the rapper – born respectively in May. 2022 and August 2023. A$AP Rocky.

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A story based on bed!

However, despite the passing years, Rihanna remains one of the public’s most popular artists, as evidenced by her over 85 million monthly listeners on Spotify. It must be said that the artist left behind many hits, one of which has crossed the symbolic bar of a billion views on YouTube – already her sixth billionaire clip! Among his hits, we include “California King Bed”, which was released in 2010 on his fifth studio effort “Loud”. However, this song in which she delves into a turbulent relationship with a boyfriend that appears to be falling apart, thus demonstrating a more personal side and touchingness in her work, was not written by the singer herself. It was Muni Long, another artist who oscillates between pop, R&B and soul, and has a hit single today, who took note of the lesson. In an interview with Complex, she returned to the history of this hit.

In fact, at that time, Muni Long was what we called a “ghost writer”, meaning she used to write songs for other artists. The songstress then worked in Miami and called herself Priscilla Renia, which was her name in civil status. It was then that a certain Jermaine of Florida duo The Runners commissioned him to write a song. However, the young artist has to move to Los Angeles and she only thinks about buying furniture for her new home. Thus, she does not proceed with the project at all, being too overwhelmed by the prospect of this change of residence, and comes up with the name of the song at the last minute: “California King Bed”. , I said, “Turn up the volume, let me do this quickly so I can get my furniture.” », she recalls during the interview. And that’s how he wrote this hit… in ten minutes tops.

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the rest is history. Once the lyrics were completed, the title would become the property of Rihanna, although it was initially proposed Kelly Clarkson, A real turning point for Muni Long, as he later collaborated with Rihanna several times, but this time directly in the studio. We can also note that this is what we find behind the songs “Worth It”, “Love So Soft” by Fifth Harmony. Kelly ClarksonBy “Imagine” or even “Timber” by Ariana Grande Pitt Bull And Kesha, Sufficient to gain valuable experience that allowed him to later shine solo, he notably performed the hit “Hers & Hers” (224 million plays on Spotify and a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance in 2023). or signed “Made for Me” (57). million), now has a total of over 14 million monthly listeners on the Swedish streaming platform. Furthermore, as for the song “California King Bed”, it has now been played over 282 million times on Spotify and its music video has been viewed 332 million times, which is the highest in the Barbadian singer’s repertoire. A must have on the list. And this may be so even though, by Muni Long’s own admission, its author received only a small portion of the royalties generated by the piece.

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