This new sulfurous film with Anne Hathaway will make you fall in love with spring

In spring 2024, a new film starring Anne Hathaway will be available for streaming. A romantic comedy about the love story between a single mother and a much younger successful singer.

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You will have to have a lot of patience before you can find Anne Hathaway on the Prime Video streaming platform. the film your view ,the idea of ​​being with youin French) Only available from next Thursday, May 2nd. The romantic comedy was inspired by Robin Lee’s novel of the same name, with the male character inspired by former One Direction member Harry Styles. A book that essentially deals with society’s view of women aging. In this film to be broadcast on Prime Video, first of all, it is the love story between two people from different worlds that is exposed, as demonstrated by the trailer presented to the public on Wednesday, March 6. Has gone. The first images arrive four years after the announcement of the screen adaptation of the novel.

What does the film say? the idea of ​​being with you ,your view) On Prime Video?

The story follows Solane, played by Anne Hathaway, a 39-year-old single mother who brings her daughter to attend a concert of her favorite band, August Moon. On stage, 24-year-old singer, Hayes Campbell, played by Nicholas Galitzine was a hit our hurting hearts on Netflix, sending fans into a complete frenzy. But his eyes fall on Solenn, whom he met by accident a few hours before the concert, and no one else… They are fifteen years apart and have completely different lives, but Solenn and Hayes are still attracted to each other. Will fall in love. A love story that will soon become complicated given their age difference. The press will be excited about this ideal!

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August Moon is making a splash, even though the group is fictional!

The film hasn’t even been released on the Prime Video streaming platform yet and it’s already making waves on social networks. For example, a dedicated page was created on Instagram in honor of the boy band August Moon. However, this group is completely fictional and was invented solely for the purposes of the book and movie! Despite everything, more than 7,300 people have already subscribed to this account. It is enough to suggest your view It may hit Prime Video next May.

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