This video where Amanda Seyfried gets her French pronunciation corrected by Isabella Rossellini

Amanda Seyfried at the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles. (January 7,2024)
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In this video that went viral on TikTok, two actresses and Lancôme muse humorously struggle with the correct pronunciation of the cosmetics brand.

Amanda Seyfried has been the global ambassador for Lancôme since 2019, but that doesn’t mean her French accent has improved. The American actress herself admitted that she is still not fast at pronouncing the names of the Parisian brand and its beauty products.

She also joked about her difficulties with Molière’s language in a video posted to the Lancôme TikTok account on Thursday, January 25. In this spectacular marketing campaign, she appears with her sisters Isabella Rossellini and Joy Sunday, who are also members of the cosmetics brand, to lend themselves to the “Of course…” trend very popular on social networks, Which includes making statements containing ironic clichés related to its work. “We are ambassadors of Lancôme, of course we will be asked if it is true lane-como Or lan-come“, she says. Isabella Rossellini, who was the first face of the beauty brand from 1983 for fourteen years (until returning as ambassador in 2016 at the age of 62), is in a good position to talk. “Once more forever, it is lan-come , lan-come», she clarifies.

Amanda Seyfried then says: “I am the ambassador of Lancôme. I don’t speak French, so I definitely have trouble pronouncing the names of the products before I even try to say “Tiente Idole,” one of the brand’s most famous complexion makeup lines. In which Isabella Rossellini combines impeccable diction by repeating the name of the range and mimicking irritation with humor.

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In a brief excerpt of filming bloopers that aired at the end of the video, we can still hear Amanda Seyfried fumbling over the famous accent. “What’s wrong with me?” She finally makes a joke, causing her companions to laugh.

“Thank you, Mrs. Rossellini.”

In the comments under the publication, non-French-speaking Internet users expressed their enthusiasm for this language teaching. “Thank you, Madame Rossellini!”, “It is prestigious!” Now I know how to pronounce the brand name”, “Oops, I mispronounced those words several times”, “I thought they said that come from a long time», “Thanks for the pronunciation”, “This is the first time I hear this, I’ve been wrong my whole life”, “Amanda, this is literally me during my French lessons with Duolingo”, maybe – We read in it from particularly pleased audiences.

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