This was the diet Queen Elizabeth II adopted to stay healthy

Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8, 2022, was the longest-lived monarch, which is why even though more than a year has passed since his death, people wonder how he reached such an advanced age. According to the testimony of his staff, this was because, in addition to his genetics, I ate a healthy diet,

Although the Queen enjoyed some delicacies such as a glass of gin and Dubonnet, or a piece of chocolate cake, the reality is that They had a chef who prepared a weekly balanced menu for them., Former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed at some point to the magazine hello! What was His Majesty’s daily routine in terms of food?,

he told him in detail I used to send him a red leather menu book every week, It was written in French and included a variety of recipes from which Elizabeth II could choose. “We prepare the menu three days in advance so we can have the food,” Darren said.

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The choice depended on whether the guests would be at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle. I also avoided starchy foods like pasta and potatoes.: “The chefs would choose the menu and she’d put a line on the ones she didn’t want. Sometimes she’d put a line on everything and put something different, as if she was dining with Prince Andrew His favorite was crème brulee with Sandringham oranges”.

What was Queen Elizabeth II’s lunch and dinner?

He loved to start his day with Earl Gray tea. (no milk or sugar) and cookies with their Corgis, according to House & Garden. This was followed by lunch, in which Cereal, yogurt, as well as toast and jam predominate, Additionally, Garen said he was usually served Dover sole on a bed of wilted spinach.

“Smoked kippers, in many simple forms, have remained a favorite of the Queen ever since: for breakfast, as a savory dish or as a late-night dinner. The Queen also loves smoked haddock as a breakfast dish,” he said.

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for dinner, Monarch usually includes a combination of meat or fish and vegetables., “For the main course he loved game, Gaelic steak, steak with whiskey sauce and mushrooms, especially if we made it with venison,” Darren revealed.

“For the first course he loved Gleneagles pâté, which included smoked salmon, trout and mackerel. He liked using ingredients from the farm, so if we had Balmoral salmon from the River Dee he would have had it, it was his favourite. “, he concluded.

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