This will allow you to pass AI to find out if you are a doctor by profession

Consideration of implementing qualifying examination for access to medicine Today once again he is in the center. Both the central government and professional organizations have been examining this area for some time. but now, People’s Partyunder a illegal proposal Registered for debate in the Deputy Congress, has asked the Central Executive to coordinate with the CCAA and the local administration so that it Could be a reality.

Designing a vocation test for medical students can be a complex task due to all the factors. Thus, medical writing have consulted chatgpt To know, according to one’s own criteria, what will happen most optimal process To do this test.

One of his first suggestions is the formulation Interest Questionnaire. This should include questions about different medical specialties, such as, for example, which of them do you think about more attractive For the future student and its justification. Similarly, it is also important to know what they think about team workmedical research or how do you handle it stressful situation At work, among others.

Practical simulation is one of the tests that should be included in the vocational examination for assessment clinical skills And this decision making Of prospective medical students. For Artificial Intelligence, there is an optimal way to do this landscape creation which reflect common and “challenging” clinical situations that they may encounter in their daily lives.

Simulating clinical scenarios for access to medicine

Under this simulation, the AI ​​recommends hire actors or mannequins Patients who can undergo physical examinations, administer medications, take samples, and interpret results to see how degree applicants perform.

Of course, there can be no shortcomings in this type of examination. personal interview With professionals in the field. The purpose of this section is to enable prospective students to talk to doctors from different branches get information “First-hand” about the realities of medical practice, to ascertain if they really want to dedicate themselves to this profession.

Assessment of social and empathy skills for therapy

The following section describing the ChatGPT is one of the most important points in the design of the exam: Evaluation of social and empathetic skills Of the prospective student. This block will contain interaction simulations, where scenarios should be created that reflect common situations in medical practice in order to see how examinees act, as well as to find out how they interact with patients and relatives. Communicate, give them a diagnosis, a treatment. And, unfortunately, also Bad News.

Other strong points of this section are Role Interview. In them, students will and will have to play the role of patient or doctor. talk to each other, Here we will evaluate it empathy, active listening and the ability to communicate medical information in an “understandable and compassionate” manner.

Aptitude test for future medical students

To conclude, AI also recommends conducting aptitude tests to analyze the understanding ability of potential students apply scientific conceptsAs well as their analytical and problem-solving skills.

In this sense, some of the areas that may be included in this exam are: biology, chemistry, physics, reading comprehension, clinical problems and medical ethicsIn others.

Although it may include statements, data, or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information contained in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We advise the reader to consult a health care professional with any health related questions.

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