This will be the Toyota FJ Cruiser 2024, an unfulfilled wish of fans

The Toyota FJ Cruiser was, in recent years, one of the favorites of the world’s “Toyotaros”. If there were a new generation, what would it look like?

Today, and for a long time, Toyota remains the best-selling and most popular brand in the automotive market worldwide, This is not something free, as the reliability and robustness of its vehicles is recognized, qualities that translate not only into many sales but also into sales. A huge number of loyal fans around the world,
he is the one who made it Models like the Land Cruiser, in all its variants and derivations, become iconic models, And others like Corolla, Hilux and Fortuner remain favorites in their categories. And they are the ones who, moreover, They would like to see some ideas come to fruition,
One of them is the return of off-road vehicles. fj cruiserBorn in 2003 as a modern reinterpretation of the timeless Land Cruiser Series 40. Initially it was a prototype, but It began production in January 2006 and is scheduled to run until April 2023., Colombia, in fact, was one of the countries that sold it to the end.

toyota fj cruiser 2024

A new FJ Cruiser?

In fact, There are no known intentions regarding the possible arrival of the new Toyota FJ Cruiser on the world market, And, considering the current activities of the brand, This is not likely to happen, But fans would like to see it and that’s why, made one render Imagine what this interestingly styled off-roader could look like retro Had he been reborn in a new model.
Its author’s imagination envisioned the hypothetical FJ Cruiser 2024 With lines similar to the real modelMaybe a little more radical and so, They make you stronger and more revolutionary, In this case, they offer something round led front lights The front and turn signals are also connected to LEDs, and there’s the word “TOYOTA” on the grille.
According to a report by motor1 spainThe idea of ​​whoever originally painted this illustration would have been to maintain the dimensions of the original FJ Cruiser, ie. 4.67 meters long and 1.83 meters wide, while receiving High Performance All-Terrain Tire And some additional accessories for use off road strong.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Ultimate Edition 2022

Real Toyota FJ Cruiser: general characteristics

The features with which Toyota FJ Cruiser left the market a year ago include: 4.0-litre V6 gasoline engine, capable of producing 270 hp and 380 Nm of torque, Standing on a ladder-type chassis, it used double wishbone front suspension and anti-roll bars. four sided back,
In addition to four-wheel drive, this vehicle was equipped A special traction system that mimics a differential lock, known as “A-Track”, For transmission, it offered 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual options.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Ultimate Edition 2022

Of course, this also includes electronic stability control and all necessary functions to provide maximum performance off road In form of torsion differentialWhich distributes the driving force in the ratio of 40:60 in most driving situations.
Beyond the technical part, one of its main details was Commonly known as reverse opening door “suicide”, allowing easy access to the cabin. However, I had Limitations due to its square design,

Toyota FJ Cruiser Ultimate Edition 2022

price in colombia

Currently, the Toyota FJ Cruiser is available in the used market in Colombia Prices vary between 100 to 320 million pesos.Given the wide range of years in which it was sold models 2009 to 2023, Even on virtual sales platforms, a unit is still available. With barely 500km of usage,
These last units They are already highly prized by collectors and fans., The same ones hoping that the imaginary new FJ Cruiser will become reality.

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Oscar Julian Restrepo Mantilla. Source: Motor1 Spain, Mercado Libre.

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