Battelle brings together world-class doctors to analyze the challenges presented by the digital age

El Batey Auditorium and Conference CenterHe has become a center for the exchange of medical knowledge by hosting this week the XIII Spanish Congress of Occupational Medicine and Nursing (CIMET) and the II International Congress of Occupational Medicine and Nursing (CIMET). event that happens on friday From Saturday, February 23 to Saturday, February 24Brings together nationally and internationally renowned experts in occupational therapy.

under the motto ‘Occupational therapy in the digital age: new tools, new challenges’, participants will explore the application of innovative technologies and emerging challenges in the practice of occupational therapy. The Congress seeks to develop areas of knowledge in line with the Spanish Health and Safety Strategy 2023-2027.

II CIMET and XIII CEMET 2024 present a cutting-edge scientific programme, addressing important topics such as Prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseasesManagement, training and integration of social change, as well as protection of vulnerable workers and a gender perspective.

Established in 1983, AEEMT was created to unify Doctor specializing in occupational therapy, Currently, it is over 1,500 members There are estimated to be around 4,000 experts in this medical field. The Association is committed to maintaining cutting-edge scientific content while encouraging meetings and exchange of experiences among colleagues.


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