To dollars or pesos? Easter didn’t like this coin! Check out the “drop” he gave you

Mexico.- The period of Holy Week, considered one of reflection and introspection, should be very well served by a posture In recent times it has not left its recession and today it has reached its maximum weekly level.

We are talking about the dollar which continues to fall, while the Mexican peso increases in strength and a different shine is seen, which is They allow good returns and stability only in one of the periods of greatest movement of people Towards tourist places.

The National Bank of Mexico set the exchange rate for the day at $16.6780 million, down from $16.7367 million.And the previous day. The equivalence of the Mexican peso with other foreign currencies will be calculated based on the rate that prevails against the US dollar in international markets on the day the payment is made. These quotes will be made known, at the request of interested parties, by the credit institutions of the country.

See here the official document marking the peso-dollar exchange rate published today in the Official Gazette of the Federation

Other certain financial servicesToday the exchange rate is $16.6524 ($16.7174 yesterday). Today they buy the greenback at $16.3025 and sell it at $17.0023, Tomorrow it may come with an average of $16.6745, sold at $16.675 and bought at $16.674, but remember that these are estimates and everything can be marked differently.

dollar value table dollar value table

If you want to know which bank or financial institution gives you more or less pesos per dollar, see the following table provided by

When analyzing the movements of the American currency according to the page specialized in the topic, it is indicated that the weekly period proceeds with a loss of -0.41%; It has decreased by -2.28% this month; It reverses with -1.76% over the quarter and year.

During the administration of United States President Joe Biden, the dollar witnessed a decline of -15.12%, while under the administration of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador it fell by -17.12%.

If you need to convert saved dollars for a trip, investment or other situation, today you can go to the Bank of Mexico with the best indicators (interbank open 48 hours on Tuesday), to make a purchase at $16,672 And sell it for $16,672. $16,676.

Those who are going to buy or sell dollars, make any other transactions under this denomination, or are preparing to exchange pesos for travel are advised to first check where they Pay the best price and go where it’s most convenient.

dollar price quotedollar price quote

Price list for the last week and forecast for tomorrow provided by

Due to today’s level of globalization and the large number of commercial activities between individuals, companies, and governments internationally, the dollar exchange rate is one of the most consulted financial indicators around the world, regardless of which country it is located in.

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