They condemn the beating by police of a young woman during a protest in Holguín

young lady elizabeth lopezwho recorded the recent protests in Holguín province brutally beaten by a police officer Whose name is unknown.

Girl and her boyfriend on 16 March they filmed the demonstrations When, unarmed and disarmed, he was attacked by a police officer, who has not yet been identified, as the unit he belonged to, identified on Facebook by a man named Yrenis Dotres.

“The photographs show the extreme physical violence used by him (the police officer) against the unarmed and helpless young woman Elizabeth Lopez, as well as the power he took to break her cell phone and kill anyone who came across him everywhere Are.” , Publication details.

Facebook Capture/Yarenis Dotres

In images accompanying the complaint, bruises can be seen on young Lopez’s arms, face and neck, and her lips are swollen as a result of the assault. You can also see the glass of the mobile phone broken.

“We will soon know the name of that alleged officer, he will be tried in the court of tired, hungry but respectable people who only demand their elementary rights. He will be judged by God who will take control of our nation that groans, sobs and cries loudly because of extreme poverty,” Dotres said.

He called the police officer “oppressive, irrational, abusive, oppressive” who “violated the Constitution”. human rights of civilian population And he attacked without any rhyme or reason as if he was the absolute master of the citizenry and Cuba was his farm or his backyard.

He has also stated this in the publication Hunger, deprivation, lack of freedom and government repression He inspired the people of Holguín to take to the streets to demand “justice, prosperity, food, electricity, water.”

At the same time, Dotres asked herself: “How long will this violence, abuse, arrogance and despotism last? How long will the Castro-Canel dictatorship and its public servants, its only communist political party, continue to pit people against people in irrational and mythical hatred? How long will there continue to be so much corruption, starvation, shortages, lack of medicines, transportation, political prisoners, mass migration, human rights violations?”

Finally, he said: “Isn’t more than six decades enough? When will the justice, real freedom, peace, progress and democracy that the Cuban people cry out and demand come?

Precisely, this reality that the publication has condemned has recently led people to take to the streets in different parts of the country.

In early March, in the city of San Andrés in Holguín province, people protested to demand better living conditions and the regime responded with general repression. As a result of this government response, six people were arrested,

In Cienfuegos, Eric Luis Esia Quevedo, the father of a little girl, broke the windows of a provincial government car in protest of prolonged blackouts. After his arrest, Cuban police officers brutally beat the young man,

The same dissatisfaction of the people towards the regime inspired the 17th and 18th of this month. Popular demands for freedom, food and electricity were seen in many Cuban cities,

According to officials, at least 32 people were detained Prisoners Defenders organization condemned,

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