Today, February 28, it is sold in exchange houses as

The dollar is one of the currencies that experts have kept an eye on in recent years, due to the sudden ups and downs in the economy, due to the crisis caused by Covid-19, A virus that became a pandemic and killed millions of people, besides crippling millions of companies and commercial operations.

This currency is especially important in some countries that receive goods and services from other countries, so they must negotiate with the currency that is most popular in international trade. Additionally, the oil market in Colombia influences dollar fluctuations, as crude oil is exported in dollars and leaves a large amount of foreign currency in the economy.


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The price of the dollar in exchange offices: its movement on February 28 is as follows

For this February 28, exchange houses are buying dollars at a price of $3,720 and selling them at a price of around $3,840. These prices are calculated daily with a sample of exchange houses and prices may vary by time, city or neighborhood.

If you want to evaluate the behavior of the dollar in Colombia, keep in mind this table of the main cities.

  • City – Buying Price – Selling Price
  • Bogota DC: $3,750 – $3,820
  • Medellin: $3,630 – $3,800
  • Callie: $3,700 – $3,850
  • Cartagena: $3,600 – $3,790
  • Cucuta: $4,020 – $4,160
  • Perera: $3,700 – $3,830

On the other hand, if you want to evaluate the value of a currency by a business establishment, keep these values ​​in mind.

  • Vancouver changes: Buy: $3,760 – Sell: $3,775
  • Dollar Point: Buy: $3,740 – Sell: $3,800
  • Unichange: Buy $3,670 – Sell: $3,810
  • Change: Buy $3,650 – Sell: $3,800
  • South Change: Buy $3,660 – Sell: $3,800
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Expert currency buyers usually recommend that you go to a location where several exchange houses are located, such as a shopping center or an airport. There you have to evaluate the buying and selling prices according to your desired transaction. You will then need to compare them to find the best price.

If you are going to buy dollars (exchange pesos for dollars), keep in mind that you will have to look for an exchange house that has the cheapest selling price, in which you will have to allocate fewer pesos for each dollar sold.

On the contrary, if you are going to sell dollars (dollars for pesos), keep in mind that you will have to look for the exchange house that has the most expensive purchase price, in which they will give you more pesos for each dollar. you sell.

If you have already purchased dollars and want to evaluate the price over the past six days, keep these values ​​in mind.

  • Date – Buying Price – Selling Price
  • Wednesday, February 28, 2024: $3,720 – $3,840
  • Tuesday, February 27, 2024: $3,730 – $3,840
  • Monday, February 26, 2024: $3,720 – $3,830
  • Sunday, February 25, 2024: $3,720 – $3,830
  • Saturday, February 24, 2024: $3,720 – $3,840
  • Friday, February 23, 2024: $3,720 – $3,830
The value of the dollar continues to rise in Colombia

The value of the dollar continues to rise in Colombia , picture: Getty Images / Jose Luis Pelaez Inc.


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