Officer! New prices for fuel and electricity in Cuba will start from March

Starting March 1, new fuel prices will go into effect in Cuba, as well as new electricity rates for high-end consumers.

According to state media, the information was provided at a press conference by the ministers of finance and prices, energy and mines, the deputy minister of economy and planning and the vice president of Cimex. cubedebate,

Mildred Granadillo, First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economy and Planning, recalled that it was necessary to postpone the application of the new fuel rates due to the cybersecurity incident on January 31. However, following the recovery of the affected computer systems, it was decided that retail fuel prices would be updated from March 1.

Finance and Prices Minister Vladimir Regueiro Ale said the government’s measures seek to address several distortions present in the economy. He recognized the impact of fuel prices, as they are a transverse product of the entire economy.

For his part, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Vicente La O Levy, mentioned the situation of fuel in the country, supply and sale to the population. In case of liquefied gas, the application of price increase has been postponed.

New price of electricity in Cuba

The price of electricity in Cuba implies a 25% increase for kWh consumed above 500. That is, if a customer consumes 513 kWh, they will be charged an additional 25% only for those 13 kWh that exceed Rs 500. The remainder will be charged. As per the current level rate of the electric company.

you can use it Cuban Directory Calculator To know how much you will have to pay for your electricity in Cuba.

New fuel prices in Cuba

Starting March 1, fuel prices in Cuba will be updated to match the current exchange rate.

Motor gasoline (B83) will be sold at $0.95 USD or $114.00 per cup, while regular gasoline (B90) will cost $1.10 USD or $132.00 per liter.

Regular diesel, the most widely used fuel in the country, will also have a new price of $1.10 USD or $132.00 CUP. Special gasoline (B94) will be sold at $1.30 USD or $156.00 CUP, and Super Special (B100) will cost $1.65 USD or $198.00 CUP.

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