“Today I want to surprise people! ,

They say that this role of Griselda Blanco is a kind of dedication to you. For what reasons?

Sofia Vergara: I quickly became interested in the story of this woman, who I didn’t know even though I grew up in Colombia. Despite growing up in a country affected by drug trafficking, I had never heard of Griselda Blanco. Although she was an extremely powerful woman, she acted with complete discretion. It wasn’t until I watched a documentary cocaine cowboy I found this woman’s existence absolutely fascinating.

What did you discover?

Sofia Vergara: I found out how successful this man was in controlling the entire cartel and creating a real empire of smugglers. I was amazed to know how much strength this woman showed to be respected and feared in a world dominated by men. After watching this documentary I wanted to know everything about his life. To do this, I had to research records that were in the possession of US authorities, but also collect testimony from cartel members.

How did you manage to get into this character?

Sofia Vergara: I think being Colombian definitely made things easier. I was able to find some common points, for example: being from the same place as well as being a single mother who raised her son alone! I have clearly experienced the situation that a single woman has to start working at a very young age to make ends meet. Like them, I also experienced this immigrant life…

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It is also an environment that you have unfortunately experienced because of some of your family members…

Sofia Vergara: In fact, I lost my brother because of this environment. He was assassinated in Colombia. So this was a project that was close to my heart and that affected me personally. I knew that this environment had destroyed many families in Colombia. Every family in this country has been affected by this situation in some way or the other.

This role allows you to break out the personality of the flirtatious and sultry from gloria ,modern Family,,

Sofia Vergara: It’s great to be able to play completely different roles. Today I want to surprise people! It’s important for me to be able to alternate more dramatic projects with comedy. Playing Griselda Blanco was a dream come true. I had to be mentally and physically prepared for a complete transformation. Believe me, it is not easy for me not to look beautiful all the time! (she laughs)

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