Touching video of Rodrigo Pardo’s girlfriend. “I hope he’s waiting for me with a cheese board, which I’ll get to him at some point.”

Margarita Bernal and Rodrigo Pardo were deeply in love from beginning to end. The death of the former chancellor this Monday, February 19, left a huge void among his friends and followers. He also made public the affection, admiration and respect of thousands of people towards the journalist.

His partner, Margarita Bernal, has published touching messages about their time together. ,What a beautiful thing, such love. Rodrigo, Divine Rodrigo, Our relationship revolves around food, music, cocktails and literature.

The renowned chef and columnist shares very intimate details of his life. β€œRodrigo made the best scrambled eggs on the planet with the help of lace. These days I have been thinking about our interesting relationship with food. I will write it for my Sunday column.

β€œI hope he’s waiting for me with a Jameson served with lots of ice and a board of cheese and olives, which I’ll bring to him at some point. He said, “I worship you Rodrigo, divine.”

Along with the message, he published a video in which you can see the moments he shared full of happiness, especially in restaurants and trips, accompanied by the most delicious dishes.

The former Chancellor had recently told in an interview given to the magazine Mouth What it meant to share life with Bernal. The chef was the one person who was with her during the most difficult moments of her illness., Pardo had been suffering from a brain tumor for several years.

,Margarita arrived at difficult times. He is a very, very important person to me. Your company has been unique. “Margarita gave me faith and hope,” he said.

Gustavo GΓ³mez, the journalist who conducted the interview, left a message at the end. He assured that when a person undergoes such a major health challenge, β€œthere must be something more than luck, family affection or the expertise of the valued professionals who have operated and treated them.” There is always something more. Something that permeates many of his responses. And that’s what defines us as a species beyond intelligence and adaptive capabilities., We all know it, but we don’t always experience it. It is called love. Margarita Bernal, chef and girlfriend of Rodrigo Pardo, has been an important part of that unstoppable force,” he wrote in a note at the end of the text.

rodrigo pardo

Hundreds of people left messages for Rodrigo Pardo on social networks (Photo Guillermo Torres Revista Semana). , picture: Guillermo Torres

In that conversation, Pardo explained what death means to him. β€œWe are certainly not prepared for the only thing that we consider inevitable. We don’t know how to die. After the illness was announced, my father died, and then my brother., It was I who was going to die, not them. Death is inevitable, but also illogical. I had all the conditions and more to die. And yet, here I am. Those who were unaccounted for were left to die,” he said.

Former Foreign Minister Julio LondoΓ±o Paredes remembered in a text week it Which was his health struggle. ,Some time ago, his friends were surprised by the news that Rodrigo was suffering from an incurable and incurable disease and that his days were numbered., For him, that announcement was as if a huge dose of optimism and strength was injected into him, which carried him very well, much to everyone’s surprise. I never heard him complain and he was always looking towards the future. That was the thing that prolonged his life,” he said.

Rodrigo Pardo was one of the country’s most beloved journalists. His specialty was his cool mind and the depth of his analysis of the reality of Colombia and the world. He held very prominent positions in the media and was a teacher to many generations.

rodrigo pardo

Rodrigo Pardo was the editorial director of this house (Photo: Guillermo Torres Semana magazine). , picture: Guillermo Torres

worked in magazine Week On three occasions, from the first years of its establishment and in its final period, as of 2020. He was also director of Noticias RCN and the magazine Cambio.

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