Tragedy in Colombia: Father drowns while trying to save his son at sea

Bather lost his life in Santa Marta trying to save his son. Beach reference image. Photo: Pixabay

A Bogota family is going through a tragic incident after a man died while trying to save their son’s life at sea. Colombia’s National Police provided details of the shocking story that shook Santa Marta.

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Just before 5:00 pm, a 26-year-old man entered the sea and went out of control from the shore. The waves were dragging everything in their path and he could not keep up with their speed. Seeing himself in danger, he started shouting for help.

His father and sister were the first responders, who did not hesitate to enter the water despite the force of nature. But the force of the waves also took away their speed and they were left in the same conditions as those who screamed for help.

In an interview with uniformed officers of the institute, the first person affected commented that he swam badly, clung to a stone and managed to crawl out. At the same time, he sought help from other bathers to save his two relatives.

The solidarity was immediate. Citizens found them in the water and were sent to the nearest health centre, where it was confirmed that the man had lost his life and the woman had suffered minor complications due to the immersion.

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