Kylie Jenner changed her look, her resemblance to her mother Kris Jenner surprised internet users.

Kylie Jenner has managed to make a place for herself in her very popular family. The young woman maintains her empire and has millions of subscribers on social networks. Each of his posts creates a sensation for worse and better. This Saturday, February 10, 2024, she shared a radical change in her look.

Kylie Jenner grew up in front of the eyes of the whole world. reality TV shows keeping up with the Kardashians saw the birth young woman’s ambitions, which he first created with his sister Kendall. The two partners have executed many projects together. It was in the world of cosmetics that Kylie Jenner finally discovered a resounding success, Complete success for your brand Kylie Cosmetics, The businesswoman, who also became a content creator and model, is now at the helm of an astonishing fortune. It’s enough to make her sister Kim Kardashian (almost) green with envy.

It-girl not only created An Empire: She also started her own family, welcoming two children with rapper Travis Scott. It is on social networks that she shares pieces of life, between selfies, promoting your brand, professional meetings or even moments of interaction with your children. Unfortunately, as is often the case in the Kardashian family, Miss Jenner is never safe from bad press…

Kylie Jenner dares to make a radical change, Internet users are mesmerized

is of latest date Golden Globes evening, Where she went with her partner, Frenchman Timothée Chalamet. He was accused of failing Selena Gomez, rekindling rumors of tension with the singer. Since then, Kylie Jenner has continued on her merry way as if nothing had happened, apparently passing through Paris Fashion Week. This Saturday, February 10, 2024, he extended his Instagram account new selfie Which is given a lot of attention.

And for good reason: the young woman has a very short haircut, bearing resemblance to her mother Kris Jenner. A fact that she completely accepts, even if the comparison does not impress the person concerned. In a weaker version, Kim Kardashian’s mom assured that it did not come close to her ankle. Well, humor in the family… However, many Internet users have noted this similarity: ,Twins, , “Kris Jenner Edition” , “We all look like our mothers at some point”, Wig or real hair? Reply soon…

© Instagram / Kylie Jenner
© Instagram / Kylie Jenner

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