Two arrested for attacking doctor who refused to prescribe inappropriate medicine in Puertollano

The arrested men also attacked private security personnel and several guards at the center who tried to help their comrades.


Updated at 8:43 pm

The National Police have arrested a man and a woman in Puertollano (Ciudad Real) Violent attack on a doctor in the emergency department of a health center,

According to the police, when the doctor refused to prescribe a specific medicine because he felt it was inappropriate. Detainees attacked him, as well as guards and guards. Who immediately came to the help of his friend.

The alleged attackers are a couple living in the city of PuertollanoWent to the health center to examine the woman in the emergency department, as well as request a prescription for any medication the doctor deems appropriate to prescribe.

The patient became angry at the doctor’s refusal and pounced on him, attacking and hitting him until his colleagues were able to help him, at the same time her husband also entered the office and Started beating people.

The National Police arrived at the medical center where they arrested the couple and transferred them to the local Puertollano police station.Who are accused of the crimes of assault on authority, intimidation and causing hurt.

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