UFC Vegas 89 | He bit his opponent and everything ended in the worst way: it was the most unusual fight of the year in the UFC

ufc vegas 89 This Saturday, March 23, lived a historic moment that brought victory to the Brazilians Andrew LimaHowever, this was not due to some brilliant stroke or key, but to a regrettable ineptitude. Igor da Silva.

The fight was one of the most anticipated on the preliminary card between the Brazilians, however, the winner was determined by a bite and disqualification in just two rounds.

This was Igor da Silva’s terrifying bite on Andre Lima

during the second round da silva He lined up Lima on the fence and tried to subdue him, however, Andre, who was a football player before entering the UFC Austin Bold The USL Championship player asked to stop the fight after feeling a bite on his arm.

After the fight was stopped, Lima showed Igor’s impressive teeth mark on his arm and the referee was forced to stop the fight and end it with a disqualification.

like this, Andrew Lima He is undefeated and has reached eight wins in the UFC.

Andre Lima shows the bite left by Igor da Silva.

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The first round was quite a struggle

However, the fight ended with a disqualification due to a bite on Igor’s arm. Andrew Limathe first attack made night ufc vegas 89, The emotions began with 3 minutes left on the clock, when Lima demanded the victory with a spectacular guillotine, which Igor managed to save to take the fight to the second round.

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The first round ended with a hard-fought battle between the Brazilian warriors, who were injured but with energy to reach the second round, where everything ended with a bite, there was something unusual about it ufc,

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