ULL hosts testing for specialties in seven careers, including medicine

MIR testmaria pisca


Activity, hustle and bustle, hundreds of people moving from one place to another and reviewing notes at the last minute. Guajara Campus. The atmosphere before the exam on an unusual day like Saturday, which also includes more or less hidden nerves. 450 graduates in seven core subjects, many of whom were accompanied by their family or friends, took the exam that allows them to gain specialization. Saturday, January 20 at 2 p.m. doors of Faculty of Economics University of La Laguna (ull) They open exactly at the right time for access 450 applicants Of the 564 registered in the province of Tenerife (596 in Las Palmas) – for tests of Specialized Health Training (FSE) In seven races. The test begins at 3:00 pm after the identity of each opponent has been verified. It is now known for the traditional annual academic court. Abbreviation MIR (Interim Resident Doctor) Because most graduates choose specialization in medicine (321 places) which requires them to stay in a hospital for four years. But in Nursing (90 places), there are also so-called EIRs (two years); Pharmacy (16); Psychology (4); Physics (4); Chemistry (1) and Biology (1).

Hundreds of graduates, who far outnumber them, are ordered by a security guard to move three meters away from the main entrance. Then, one of the officials who cooperate in the organization of the examination – center representatives, auditors and members of the examination table or members of the seven specific qualification commissions – warns: «Only opponents; Relatives, no. People come with their loved ones to receive encouragement or share their faith. After all, there are a lot of hopes and expectations towards life on this special day. The health worker tries to reassure by saying “everyone will come in”. Despite this, when they get permission, students, now again, even if they have already graduated, come to the hall. Want to finish soon, though waiting a few hours. The Guajara campus, at least in the surroundings of the Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, given its official name (everything is official here) presents a lot of hustle and bustle and unusual activity on weekends. Notes are reviewed on the stairs – it is true that on a case-by-case basis – and many people are crowding the entrance to the testing site half an hour before the scheduled time.

Palestine, take 1

Two young people, a boy and a girl, get out of a car and head towards the stairs that lead to their destination. They are not a couple and in fact they just met. They are united by the MIR test. She wears a striking white T-shirt with the slogan Free Palestine written in the background. Flag of the country without current status in recent months. Her name is Elisabeth Bersh Nachma, she is 25 years old, she was born in Equatorial Guinea, lived in Asturias and now lives in Tenerife. He wants to approach pathological anatomy and says he has “studied half” of it. She claims that she is not nervous but she appears to be a little nervous. If he is successful, he plans to take up residence on the peninsula. Next to him, 27-year-old Victor Garcia Diaz, a Peninsular man who had been left at the door by a roommate of Elizabeth’s. He hasn’t studied “anything” and he’s not nervous “Because it’s not my MIR, I take it as preparation for next year.” He was a resident at HUC for a while in the specialty of urology, but left because “it wasn’t my cup of tea” and he wanted to go into radiology. In principle, it is planned to do it in Oviedo.

in first person

Marta Camara Suarez, 27 years old, from Santa Cruz. She admits to being “very nervous” and claims she “studied a lot.” She is interested in doing her residency on the island and would also like to pursue psychiatry among the medical specialties. He values ​​this subject more than the four years spent in Escana required by law. Diego Rodriguez Fernandez, 24 and also a resident of the capital, commutes from a nearby tram stop. If you could choose, you would choose Digestivo and stay in Tenerife (HUC or La Candelaria). Next to her is her friend Irene Rodríguez Fernández (25 years old, just born January 1). He says, he has studied as much as is humanly possible. Your choice is a family doctor; That is, primary care. Her friend Carmen Escola Arteaga, aged 24 to 25, mixed Catalan and Gomera blood in just nine days. He jokes about where he came from, perhaps to cover up potential nervousness. He denies this because like Victor Garcia “This is for me the experience before MIR of 2025, my defining moment. If the flute sounds now, great, but I don’t think it will happen.” He likes surgical disciplines such as thoracic and in Tenerife “there are very few places or they don’t exist.” Therefore I will have to move my residence outside the island.


Celine Espinosa Delgado is 31 years old, lives in the capital and has been a nurse at Ofra Health Center (Santa Cruz) for seven years. In this case, she goes to pass the EIR exam because her great dream is to “be a babysitter”. He explains: “I love children and it seems like a great profession that I’ve always liked.” She explains that she feels nervous and that this condition increases “once I get here”. Nieves Hernández comes from La Palma – the exam is provincial in nature – and opted for nursing pure and simple. In his and Celine’s case, there is a mandatory two years as a resident at the hospital center. He hopes it can happen on his island.

like Father…

Among the relatives of the applicants, a familiar face suddenly appears, that of the distinguished ophthalmologist and former president of the Real Casino de Tenerife, José Alberto Muinos. Together with his wife, he supports Beatriz Muinos Tabares de Nava, 26, who follows in her father’s footsteps and intends to specialize in ophthalmology. “It won’t be easy because there are only 220 spots in the entire state,” the father says, but then he adds that “you have to stick with it and try.”

Palestine, take 2

Walid (Sweetness in Arabic) All opponents are welcomed with utmost kindness by Zerene Acosta. It provides MIR or EIR applicants with a folder of the particular CTO company in which interested parties can consult the data and access the addresses of the Medicines web pages. grupocto.es/postmir and nursing. grupocto.es/posteir. In them you have the possibility to access the exam notes starting from 4 am today. As her name suggests, cutie Walid revealed that her grandfather was Palestinian and that’s why he gave her this name. His mother, from Tacoronte. To be clear.

More offers than ever

Two out of every five Canarians who take the Specialized Health Training (FSE) test will have the opportunity to reside on the islands. 437 places have been offered to 1,157 graduates (11,607 and 30,000 respectively nationally). The rest will have to find places in other hospitals in Spain or try their luck next year. Supply increased by 3.3% last year and by 12% compared to before the coronavirus pandemic. The motto of these children, mostly girls, in the family context would be: “Mom, I want to be a doctor.” Specialist doctor, this makes sense.

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