UN says Haitians in danger should be protected by giving them refugee status

The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) said on Wednesday that Haitians should benefit from refugee protection and not be returned to their country where gangs spread terror.

Faced with the chaotic situation prevailing in the capital Port-au-Prince and fears of mass migration, especially in the capital Port-au-Prince, UNHCR anticipated and updated directives that guarantee the protection of the most vulnerable Haitians.

“The lives, security and freedom of Haitians are at risk due to escalating mass violence and human rights violations,” Elizabeth Tan, head of UNHCR’s international protection division, said in a statement.

Ariel Henry, who handles current affairs, responded, “Haiti has experienced a wave of mass violence in recent weeks, as Haitians await the establishment of a transitional presidential council following the announcement of the resignation of the prime minister in question. “

The UNHCR tells countries that “it is imperative to ensure that Haitians receive the international protection of refugee status.”

“We also reiterate our call for all States not to forcibly return people to Haiti, even those who have requested asylum and been rejected,” the UN agency says.

It emphasizes that a wide range of Haitians could benefit from the 1951 Refugee Convention: political activists, journalists, judges, lawyers and others who fight against corruption and crime.

UNHCR reminds that the 1984 Cartagena Declaration provides protection to “persons affected by situations that seriously disturb public order in the country and by widespread violence in areas affected by gang activities.”

The UNHCR has warned that it is seeing a “worrying trend” of Haitians making dangerous journeys, including by sea, in dangerous conditions.

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