Unfortunate! This was not enough to remain on the Creole Hall of Fame ballot.

In a recent voting process by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA), it has been determined that prominent former Venezuelan baseball player, Víctor Martínez, will not be eligible for the coveted distinction of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, their voting results yielded only 1.6% of the votes overall, which did not reach the threshold required for inclusion.

The Baseball Hall of Fame is a special recognition reserved for players who have demonstrated an extraordinary level of skill, excellence and contributions to the game. Throughout his career, Victor Martínez has been an outstanding player and has left a significant mark on the world of baseball.

Despite being left out of the Hall of Fame on this occasion, it is important to highlight that Victor Martínez has left an invaluable legacy in the sport. His talent and dedication have been recognized by his teammates and baseball fans around the world.

In these votes, Creole received the fewest votes by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, as his other compatriots such as Francisco Rodríguez, Bobby Abreu, and Omar Vizquel received higher percentages of votes, totaling 7.8%, 14.8%, and 14.8% respectively. 17.7% respectively.

As such, the famous former Venezuelan pitcher will not be inducted into the Hall of Fame nor will he be able to appear on next year’s ballots, although his performances will be recorded in history and he will remain one of the game’s most recognized figures. Will stay. In Venezuela.

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